Azerbaijani delegation held discussions at the European Center for Nuclear Research
Mar 02 , 2017 | 07:21 / Important events
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Delegation led by President of ANAS, Academician Akif Alizadeh visited the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), Swiss on February 27.

ANAS Vice-President, Academician Ibrahim Guliyev, acting Academician-Secretary of Department of Physical and Mathematical and Technical science, Director of Institute of Physics, corresponding member of ANAS Nazim Mammadov and the deputy Director for scientific work of Institute of Physics Anar Rustamov were a part of delegation.

During the visit, Academician Akif Alizadeh held a meeting with the management of CERN. At the meeting they discussed issues concerning the expansion of cooperation between the two institutions in the field of nuclear physics and other fields. Also has been demonstrated a documentary about the history of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Delegation of ANAS, also visited located in the depths of 80-100 m from the ground surface and acting on the Large Hadron Collider detectors CMS (Compact Muon Selenoid) and ALİCE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment).

CERN specialists informed in detail about the CMS and devices ALİCE and studies carried out here. ANAS President signed the guest book of CERN.

For reference note that, being laboratory of the highest energy physics of the world of CERN is on border of Switzerland and France, near the city of Geneva. The agreement on creation of structure was signed in Paris on June 29 on July-1, 1953 with participation of representatives of 12 countries of Europe.

The organization has been created on September 29, 1954. Now, the number of member countries is equal 20, besides the center possesses the status of the observer in some countries and the international organizations. 2500 constant workers are employed in CERN, including about 8000 physicists and engineers from 580 universities and institutes of 85 countries participate in the international experiments of the center.