Instructions for authors

Articles are accepted in Azerbaijani, Russian and English. (Articles in English are preferred) The submitted articles should reflect the most important scientific results and achievements of the conducted scientific research and should not be published anywhere. According to the rules of the journal, the volume of the research article should be at least 6 pages, and summary articles should not exceed 15 pages.

Articles must be arranged in Microsoft Word in A4 format, accompanied by a cover letter from the relevant scientific institution, a declaration signed by the author of the article and an identity document, sent to the editorial office via e-mail

Article structure:

It is important that articles have the following sections. Section headings: Fonts are given in bold capital letters on the left:


            MAIN PART

            MATERIALS AND METHODS (for exact and natural sciences)

            CONCLUSION AND ITS DISCUSSION (for exact and natural sciences)



A section of GRATITUDE to individuals or scientific institutions involved in the conduct of the research work should also precede the REFERENCES section and should not exceed 10 lines. Articles in the humanities and social sciences should consist of an Introduction, at least two headings covering the main part and a Conclusion in accordance with the methods of writing scientific research that meet international standards.

Article compilation rules:

Articles must be arranged in MS Word. Font - Times New Roman, font size - 12, spacing: 1, paragraph in the text - 1 cm. Format A4.

Margins: left - 2.0 cm; right - 2.0 cm; top - 3.0 cm; bottom - 3.0 cm.

Based on the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), the subject code is written at the top left of the cover page.

In the middle of the page (in bold and capital letters) the title of the article, under it the initial (s) of the author (s) (name, patronymic and surname), under it the full name of the institute (enterprise, etc.) submitting the article (if the authors are from different organizations, the names of the enterprises should be preceded by numbers in ascending order, and these figures should be indicated in the linear index after the surnames of the authors), the e-mail address of the author must be provided. Reference list is given at the end of the article. References in the text are given in square brackets. It must be compiled in accordance with the requirements of the SAC. Tables should have their name and number on them and they should be referenced in the text. Tables should not extend to another page.

Each of the images (graphics, maps, diagrams, etc.) in the article is given in the form of a single object, regardless of the program (artificial combination of individual images is not allowed), both inside the text and as a file in JPEG format (*.jpeg, *.jpg) (other formats are not accepted). The caption is marked with the word "picture" and numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals. When choosing units of measurement, it is important that they comply with the International System of Units (SI).

Formulas and equations are typed in the Microsoft Equation 3 editor. The formula number is written in parentheses on the right. The length of the line in which the formula is written should not exceed 8 cm (including the number of the formula). If 8 cm is not enough when continuing the formula line by line, following the mathematical rule, then the length should not exceed 16.5 cm, including the number of the formula.

Brief summary of the article before introduction (should be at least 200-250 words). The summary should be translated in two languages other than the language in which the article was published. The summary should reflect the scientific conclusion of the author, the scientific novelty of the work, the importance of application, etc.

Each summary should include the full name of the author, as well as the title of the article.

Keywords should be unused words in the title of the article and should be in bold, italic.


- Articles that do not meet the listed requirements are returned. The date of receipt of the article is the date of its last acceptance by the editorial office.

- The author is responsible for the accuracy of the information and facts provided in the article.

- Articles submitted to the editorial office are given anonymous review, articles returned by the editorial staff are not reviewed. Articles sent back to the author for correction must be re-edited and resubmitted within ten days from that date.


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