Meeting was held with the youth of the European Games
Jul 08 , 2015 | 04:00 / Important events
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Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences held for the first time in Azerbaijan for this year meeting on the theme of "The results and challenges of the first European Games in Baku - 2015" for youngers of ANAS. Meeting, was organized with the participation of the youth Academy, opened chairman of the Council, PhD in physics, assistant professor Famin Salmanov . He noted that the importance of the event, which ended a few days ago was the main feature of Azerbaijani sport, culture, values and national-spiritual values, introducing the world, is a result of successfully implemented policy goal Mr. Ilham Aliyev - President of the country. "The first European Games in Baku - 2015" to be so flamboyant chairman of the Organizing Committee, Azerbaijan's First Lady, Mrs. Aliyeva is derived from high organizational abilities. After discussions with volunteers of these games young scientist of Institute of Economics of ANAS Tural Mammadov made a report on the theme of "European games and its impact on the development of tourism in Azerbaijan" and report listened with great interest. In the end, the Council members presented own "" web-site and "Young researchers" scientific and practical journal.