ANAS to organize a scientific lecture hall
Aug 16 , 2019 | 01:00 /
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The scientific lecture hall provides for listening lectures on various relevant concerns of social and human sciences, nature sciences, technologies, and the history of science in Azerbaijan.

In the current context, the training of highly qualified personnel with professional knowledge, in addition to everything, depends on the continuation of traditions in the field of scientific research, the preservation of prestigious scientific schools and the continuity of generations in the scientific community. The experience of developed countries shows that in the formation of research skills of the young generation, along with obtaining important scientific and innovative results, scientific continuity plays an important role.

Protection of scientific schools at ANAS, ensuring successful communication of scientific generations is one of the main directions of comprehensive measures for the development of science.

The main task is to establish a scientific connection between scientists and young people who have created scientific schools at the level of modern standards, using modern scientific and organizational technologies, for more interactive promotion of traditional scientific schools.

Considering the above, Presidium of ANAS decided to organize a regular a scientific lecture hall at the Academy. The scientific lecture hall provides the listening lectures by outstanding scientists of the republic, ANAS members, including members of the Presidium on current scientific, scientific, organizational and innovative issues, as well as on the history of science in Azerbaijan.